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Will repeater increase the RF radiation?


Answer: No, it will decrease instead.

As it can be searched easily through internet, the tower would “order” the mobile phone to increase its output power, in order to ensure successful connection, smooth communication and clear phone call when the mobile signal bar is few, there will be stronger mobile output power level when the mobile signal bar is less and the strongest one can reach 1W; moreover, the mobile phone is usually as near as less than 5cm when people are in phone calls. Not only it influences on the human bodies, but also run out of the battery power much more quickly. Usually the mobile phone gets hot in such status.

The maximum power level of the signal booster is0.5W, and it decreases to be maximum 0.03W when reaching server antenna. And since the server antenna is installed over the ceiling or onto the wall, there are usually more than 3 meter away from the human body, 3meter away means at least 40dB propagation loss, or 10000 times less, 0.000003W, therefore it is too weak to influence human bodies though it is still a very good signal for mobile phones.

And when a repeater is installed, it improves the mobile signals in the coverage, and the successful phone call can be connected easily with a much less power level of the mobile phone, thus it will reduce tremendously the RF radiation.

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