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Fiber optical repeater introduction and application


Fiber optical repeater (FOR) is diffrent the wireless repeater with the way of transmission. when Wireless booster receipts the mobile phone signal through the airspace, it can regenerate and amplify it to expand the signal coverage of the celluar base station. Fiber optical repeater transmits signal through fiber line. Using a fiber-optic repeater every 28-43 miles (45-70 km), the data signal can be transmitted for great distances.it consists of the Master Block (called Donor unit,near or in the Base station), fiber-optic networks, Slave Block(called Remote Unit) and antenna.Old analog signals used amplifiers to extend the distance of a signal. Amplifiers, however, had the unwanted effect of amplifying electrical noise as well as the original signal. Fiber-optic repeaters, on the other hand, remove noise that has entered a signal. This is because digital signals can be electronically separated from unwanted noise. Unlike analog signals, even a weak and distorted fiber signal can be cleaned up and sent further down the network line.


The installation of fiber optic repeater in perfecting the network planning, the optimization of system function is important, its main characteristics are as follows:
1) Lowest cost to expand the coverage of BTS.
2) Easy installation, can quickly expanding network coverage; Improve the existing network coverage of quality;
3) Improve the utilization rate of BTS;
4) Optical fiber transmission reliable, less transmission attenuation, effective long-distance transmission, stability signal, no interference.
5) Transmits via Fiber-optic line, not affected by geographical environment, the weather changes or donor base station coverage adjustment. So it can work stably has good signal coverage.
6)Gain increased without self-oscillation,help to increase downlink ouput power.

Application for Fiber optical repeater
Outdoor: Airports, tourism regions, golf courses, tunnels, factories, mining districts, villages,etc
Indoor: Hotels, exhibition centers, basements, shopping malls, offices, parking lots, etc

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