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Fiber optical repeater introduction and application


Fiber optical repeater (FOR) is diffrent the wireless repeater with the way of transmission. when Wireless booster receipts the mobile phone signal through the airspace, it can regenerate and amplify it to expand the signal coverage of the celluar base station. Fiber optical repeater tr...

Will repeater increase the RF radiation?


Answer: No, it will decrease instead.

As it can be searched easily through internet, the tower would “order” the mobile phone to increase its output power, in order to ensure successful connection, smooth communication and clear phone call when the mobile signal bar is few, there will be stronger mobile output power le...

Frequently Asked Questions of Signal Repeater


Abbreviations of Terminologies
BTS : Base Transmitting Station
MS : Mobile Service
RSSI : Receive Signal Strength
OSC : Signal Osci...

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