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Indoor Coverage Solution


Application Background:

1. Blind or weak signal areas are formed if the building is too far away from BTS, or the building itself shield or absorb the signals.
2. There are too many complicated signals in the higher part of the buildings, ping-pong switching effect has been formed, the signals fluctuate a lot thus there are annoying noises during phone calls and there are dropped phone calls
3. Elevators and basements are well-known blind areas
4. Downtown areas of the cities, congested with many high-rise buildings are usually the weak or blind areas.


Repeater Solution:

1. To install a donor antenna in a suitable location outside the building to pick up the mobile signals wirelessly from BTS tower, then send the signals to repeater though the coaxial cable, then transmit the amplified signals through server antennas inside the buildings where there are no or weak signals. The signals from mobile phone go back to server antenna, then repeater, then cable and donor antenna to reach BTS tower.
2. RF wireless repeater is a common solution for mobile network optimization and has been widely installed to cover weak or blind areas. It has below advantages compared with BTS and other repeater types.



Fast installation, cost effectiveness, simple engineering and maintenance Suitable for places like shopping malls, offices, homes, hotels, basement, stations, stadiums, places for entertainment, tunnels, etc.



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