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High Building Coverage Solution


Application Background:

High building has a strong shielding effect on mobile signal receiving, Signal block and weak areas are largely exist in the basement . bottom floors or elevator of those building. And in the middle floor there is ping-pong effect, frequent switching or pilot pollution,mobile station poor call quality: in addition, in some buildings, while phone calls normally but users density,cause base station signal channel congestion and hard to call. For this Network Status to build a an indoor coverage system can effectively solve these problems. Indoor coverage system is a successful solution mainly for indoor subscribers to improve the mobile signal weak or block area problems. Indoor coverage principle is for the use of an indoor antenna distribution system to coupling signal from Base Station and distribute for indoor coverage, thus to ensure an ideal signal coverage.


1. Repeater (Ex: CenRF''''s Digital Fiber Optical Repeater 40W) + Antenna Feeder System.
2. Inline Booster(Ex: CenRF''''s WCDMA2100 40W Inline Booster) + Antenna Feeder System.
3. Multiple Repeaters ( Coupling signal from Multiple Base Station to solve the call volume problem) + Inline Booster+ Antenna Feeder system.



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